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THE INSTALLATIONS I create are based primarily on the body. In the past, I have focused on perceptions of body image (The Coat and Dualities Multiplied), the merchandising of the body ideal (Commodification) and the beginning of life and the formation of the body (Seeds and Babies). With Embellished Tattoos I am continuing to explore the body through how the skin is used as a means of expression.

Domestic Bliss is a departure from the body theme and concentrates on the impact of extreme domestic violence within the extended family.

In all of my work there is a sense of displacement. The body is never seen as a whole – there is always an element of fragmentation in the work. Pinned Hopes is the beginning of an exploration about the loss of a body part.

I like to use many different materials and elements in my installations and juxtapose more traditional materials (wood, wax, plaster and latex) with images that have been digitally manipulated.

I enjoy employing domestic materials, images and techniques in my work, such as knitting, embroidery and sewing. Embellished Tattoos, Domestic Bliss and Passion Pillows are some examples.

Contemporary Votive Offerings explores the intersection of religion and the body by researching ancient and present religions worldwide and their use of body parts in reliquaries and votive offerings.

A full-size spiral labyrinth was created for this installation. I have also constructed a permanent outdoor seven circuit Cretan labyrinth that is 20 metres in diameter.

I am now working with the idea of creating labyrinth designs of many different materials and sizes. Of particular interest is combining the patterning effect of the labyrinth using embroidery techniques and photos of tattoos on skin. Other areas I am exploring are the sculptural aspects of labyrinths rendered in such materials as wood and stone.

I am hoping to add to my photo documentation of tattoos on skin and at the same time create an evolving wall art piece that will be made up of polaroids of the tattoos of participants in Toronto’s Nuit Blanche 2009.