image map

[Above left]
The housedresses from the back
Dimensions: 3 m x 3 m

[Above right]

The housedresses from the front

The installation of the housedress primarily reveals the plain fronts of the dresses as the audience encounters them to emphasize the ability to hide our sexual fantasies. On another level, layering the provocative images on shapeless housedresses underscores the sexual fantasies of what our bodies could be, whether these fantasies are shaped by ourselves, our sexual partners and/or society. Creating images of women from the waist down wearing provocative undergarments and putting those images onto common housedresses also increases the sense of duality for the viewer. The audience will sense an intentional state of anonymity, as the images have no identifying features. The dresses have been left to dry on the line, unclaimed. Ultimately, the work is about how the viewer can step back, become aware, decide how much they are going to buy into cultural pressure when expressing their own sexuality ... and how much they are willing to expose their sexual fantasies.