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Photos: Alison Hancock

This piece was percolating when Octopus Project put out a call for art work for their January 2008 show called “Pink Octopus”. This was the perfect fit for this idea I had been mulling over of hair attached to a breast. Because it seemed a bit macabre I had hesitated to do an installation around this idea but the single piece format of the Octopus Project show was perfect for exploring the emotional and visual impact this subject matter might have on the viewer.

The breast is cast in latex from a plaster mold. Hand dipped in beeswax and painted, the breast has been “pinned” to a canvas covered wooden frame with dozens of hand painted pink headed pins. The colour pink was chosen to represent the symbol for breast cancer.

“Pinned Hopes” is a message of hope tinged with the sad reality that every woman is a victim of breast cancer. What kind of effect the disease has is of varying degrees for each woman. From actually having breast cancer to wondering if one is likely to contract the disease there is a wide strata with many layers of affectedness.