image map

[Above, top row] Babies in a Bowl, 1999
Materials: latex, clay, silk

[Above, left] Babies in a Bowl – detail (Photo: Blayne Collins)

[Above, right] Single baby – each baby measures 7 cm in length (Photo: Blayne Collins)

[Below left] Babies and Seeds
Materials: rubber latex and clay

[Below right] Babies 4 x 4

[Above left] Seeds, plaster, top detail with babies

[Above right] Seeds, plaster sculpture, full view,
180 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm

[Left] Seeds, plaster sculpture, close detail

[Below] Seeds, side views (Photos: Blayne Collins)

The Seeds evoke such images as scar tissue or skin eruptions when the image is enlarged as in Babies and Seeds – Study #1. When enlarged further, the seeds take on the quality of pods, as in Seeds and Babies. Producing multiples of the baby makes it a more powerful image. Turning the seeds into a monolith has moved them in stature to a similar level of importance with the baby. To have greater impact on the viewer I have combined these two powerful images.

Method: For this work I tried out two images, babies and seeds, in various forms. For the Babies component I worked with multiples and enlargement. I worked in different mediums; clay, latex, and photography. With the Seeds component, I worked with enlargement and also layers, using photography and plaster.

The juxtaposition of clay babies/latex seeds and latex babies/plaster seeds was a way to play with the images, creating patterns, rhythms and positive/negative space.