image map

[Above left]
Commodities, detail, bags

[Above right]
Commodities, detail, shrinkwrap

Commodities, detail, bag wall, 2.5 m x 2.5 m

[Above, left]
Commodities (silicon wall), 64 cm x 150 cm
Materials: Internet images, caulking, text, plastic piping,
plexiglass, plastic wrap

[Above, right]
Commodified (bra wall)
Materials: Plexiglass, brassières, shrinkwrap, text

The Commodities installation explores the idea of everything in the nineties being commodified, turned into a commodity. The body is no exception. Breast implant procedures are extensively listed on the internet, with before and after pictures, pricing and procedures. It would not have been possible for plastic surgeons to reach that number of consumers with traditional advertising, so the internet plays a role in this installation. Method: I have taken "after" images from breast implant websites and manipulated them to develop this installation.

The text of "Commodification (silicon wall)" is from the commentary of a plastic surgeon as he performs a breast implant procedure on the web.

The rows of bags in "Commodities (bag wall)" correspond to the digitally "shrink-wrapped" image on the wall above each bag row.

For "Commodification (silicon wall)" "breast implants" were formed using plastic drain piping, then multiples of both were put in frames over text and images.