image map

[Above left] Coat, detail, thin girl,
100 cm x 200

[Above right] Coat, detail, wide girl,
100 cm x 200 cm

[Left] Coat installation,
5 m x 2 m x 2 m cm

The Coat explores such concepts as body image, changing the perception of the body, the use of bodies as visual expressions of hidden thoughts and passions. The Coat is about body image and how it is never a static concept but changes for each woman on a daily (hourly?) basis and how women are trying to fit into this notion of perfection as perceived by themselves and others. That's why the coat is a perfect size 6 and most of the five women wearing it are not.

Method: I made a pattern for a coat in size 6, then sewed it from nylon window screen. I photographed each woman wearing the coat over their underwear. Then each image was split, re-sorted with parts from the other images to create a cut-up effect.

Blown up to life size, the images were printed off and attached to the wall. The coat hangs in front of the images as an invitation to the viewer to try the coat on themselves.