image map

Passion Pillows:
digital transfers on fabric, nylon embroidery thread,
Polyfil; five individual pillows, each measuring 40 cm x 35 cm

Details showing variation in colour of
each pillow and hand-knotted "hairs"

Passion Pillows is a work I want to expand on. I have digitally manipulated the colouration of the image to explore the effect colour has on our perception of an image but I also wanted the installation to be approachable (you can pick the pillows up) and tactile (smooth satin, prickly nylon hairs) to attract the viewer. Yet this work is slightly repelling because the image has been visually separated from the rest of the body.

Method: This particular image is a digital photo of the word "Passion" tattoed in chinese characters on a man's thigh.

Each image – from black and white to lurid colour – has an increasing number of hand-knotted " hairs" attached as the colour becomes more saturated.

I would like to continue the exploration of tattoed images on skin.